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Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Fashions for the Grandkids

My youngest grandson and granddaughter had asked me to make them some shorts for the summer.  They actually asked me a few months ago and I completely forgot.  Last week they reminded me that they were still waiting for their shorts.  What an embarrassed Grandmother!!

Needless to say, my first priority this week was to get their shorts finished.  I made 2 pairs for Caleb and 1 pair for Lauren.

The boy's shorts are made like long boxer shorts with an elastic waist.

I made him 2 pairs-one black and one khaki.

Lauren's shorts are capri length with elastic around the calves.

Her shorts also have a flat waistband in the front and elastic in the back.

The package is on the way to South Carolina where these 2 young ones are anxiously waiting for them.  I hope this has redeemed me as a grandmother!!

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