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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Raggedy Ann Museum

A few days ago I wrote about a customer who ordered some bloomers and a pinafore for her Raggedy Ann. She sent me some photos to share along with her story. This is a quote from her email. . .

"These are pictures of her. The one I took for you with the hat has a whole story too, she came to me perfect in every way a 1947 Georgene (except) the problem was she had orange hair around her face but none at all in the back, just bald. I went to a yarn shop tried to match as good as I could and glued some hair on. It still never was right. Your hat was a blessing it covered everything and she now too is perfect. I thank you again..."
This customer said her hobby is collecting and restoring Raggedy Ann and Andys. She said she has almost 100!! Wow!! She says she collects Georgenes and Old Knickerbockers, which I guess are brand names. Here are some of the photos of her mini-Raggedy Ann and Andy museum she shared with me:


Now, wouldn't it be fun to visit her home and see all her cuties. My granddaughters would love it but it would be so hard to get them not to touch!! Maybe its a good thing she lives a long way away from me!

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