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Monday, December 20, 2010

A New Look

I recently had a customer whose daughter really wanted a prairie outfit but, this child was large for her age and was growing very quickly.  Her mom was afraid to buy the outfit and then have her little angel outgrow it too soon.  Her solution-ties in the back of the pinafores instead of buttons.  The finished product looked so cute, I think her idea just might work!

The mom selected a really popular fabric for the first outfit.  This blue daisy fabric is a very nice quality and it washes up so pretty.

The dress was made just like my regular pioneer dresses, which run a bit large and are loose fitting.

The pinafore is an a-line with a ruffled bottom but I put ribbon ties in the back where there would normally be buttons.


The ribbons look so cute and they make, an otherwise fitted pinafore, much more versatile.

Once other mom's see this solution, ribbon ties should become the newest addition to my pioneer collection.

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