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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have You Heard?

I know this is old news but it is so amazing I just had to share. 

We were watching tv one night when the most amazing thing came on.  It was a show from Great Britain similar to American Idol and this middle aged woman came on the stage.  Simon had the nerve to ask the lady her age and she replied that she was 44.  His look said it all, he was sure she was a waste of his time, but then she started to sing.

Oh, my gosh, Susan Boyle stole the show.  She has become an American Idol without ever appearing on the show.  Her first album is now available and her voice is a wonder to behold.

If you have not heard this lady sing, I invite you to a real blessing as you relax and enjoy her amazing voice.  It is not often that we have a chance to share such a joy with our readers.  Hope you enjoy Ms. Boyle's voice as much as we have.

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